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How good is the new out of office feature!

I love that you can now write a custom message when using out of office (vacation mode). SO good! Thanks fiverr for this great update :confetti_ball:


I had noticed the new “Out of office” option instead of Vacation mode but the “custom message” part is news to me! That’s a really neat add-on. Really useful to let potential/repeat buyers know that you will be available soon.


Custom message is always meaningful

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And even better - when I came back, I didn’t have to go in and manually turn it off like in the past - it knew I was coming back and I got a message to let me know my out of office was finished and my gigs were now unpaused - awesome!


Where did you find this? Did you turn on vacation mode and suddenly were asked to fill your out of office message?

Hit the out of office toggle and there’s a popup

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This is a big improvement, but to be perfect, it should also allow you to hit repeat buyers who already have your contact info with a bounceback message that also does not affect your metrics. That way you don’t have to be at the top of the Eiffel tower on a dream vacation responding to buyers on the app.

Cmon fiverr, while on vacation mode, all messages get the bounceback, and no hit on metrics? Just me?

Dear Diary, here we at the Grand Canal in Venice and oh, wait someone wants a free sample…

It’s kinda funny that I can be away from my full time job while on vacation, but unless I don’t want to come home to a 50% response rate, I am a slave to the fiverr app even while on vacation. Not good making us take valuable time away from travel and family when we need to be out of office.


I want Office Hours feature like any decent business has :slight_smile:
If I’m out of office then you can leave a message. Why do I need to toggle it on/off?

And the cherry on top would be a scheduler :stuck_out_tongue:
Book a time if you need to discuss a project.


I think it must show them something, as I had a few regulars email me saying I can see you’re away til Thursday, when you get back can you do this for me. There is also a checkbox to say whether you want to get messages or not (and if you say yes, you are then responsible for the response rate) so I’m pretty happy - especially compared to how its been up until now!


How has out of office impacted your gig placement? I’ve been wondering since I have to go out of town for a week. I never used vacation feature, but I actually want to stop working for a week. Hahaha.

@ccutting I don’t think it has affected me - I was only away for a few days and was slammed with work when I got back, so haven’t really checked my placement yet though. In the past I’ve extended the delivery time for my gigs, but I thought I would give this a try since it was only a few days and I think it was ok. Enjoy your time off! :smiley:

I looked at your past post. Lol. I am very “chicken” to go on vacation mode/out of office. How far out have you extended your gigs in the past? Did that negatively impact you. Always worrying (I’m a worrier). hahaha

I extended my delivery time by two weeks last year (a 12 day break). I did see a hit to my response time, as I was being a bit ambitious thinking I would check fiverr messages every day while I was on a cruise (as soon as I got onboard I was like fiverr who??) so now that response rate can drop levels, I would go for the out of office option and tick the box not to get messages from new buyers to keep my response rate intact. I would be pretty bummed to lose my TRS because I was on holiday and was late replying to messages. I think now, out of office is the safest option.


I love the new feature! I just used it to clear up some work and free up a day or two to take a break in between working here, studying for finals, and working on other extracurriculars, and when I was ready, I was able to get a new order right away! Also, I’m not sure if this is because of the feature, but when I came back, I saw a HUGE increase in impressions.


A very useful feature, I was wondering how it works, thank you :sunglasses:

This sounds like a great idea! I’m sure that I will use it at some point!

I used the new “out of office” feature this past week for the first time. It was great! I used it when going on an overnight field trip with my child’s school. I wanted to be present and not obessivlely checking my phone. I started it two days before leaving so I had time to get all my orders finished before leaving. It ended automatically the morning I came back from the field trip. I started getting messages right away and orders with 48 hours.

It’s much better than the old vacation mode and better than extending delivery times out two weeks, both of which I’ve tried in the past.

I will be using it again soon as my family will be enjoying a long vacation once school is out.