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How Google Search Led me to My First Sale in Just One Week

Fiverr has been a mysterious site for me for quite a long time. I couldn’t really comprehend how one could end up listing their services and sit down to wait for a client who they weren’t sure that exists in the first place. I remember creating my first gig like 6 months ago and that was the end of it. I never came back to check on how it was performing or if there was a client looking to get my service.

My Turning Point

Two weeks ago, when I was researching online for some information on how to create a Flectra ERP module, something happened that would change my fate with Fiverr for good. Among my search engine results was one thing that stood out: ‘I will install and customize flectra erp on your vps server’. And the service was starting from a mere $25!

Clicking the link changed my view on the power of Fiverr. I realized that people were earning from the very skills that I was sitting on and never advertising them.

That week, I became restless. Nothing else could take away my concentration. I couldn’t just imagine how much I have lost by not reaching out to clients and telling them what I was able to do. I immediately came up with a plan that would see me get my first sale within a week.

My Skills Were Among the Top Paid According to Fiverr

I went to Google and searched for the topmost paying jobs in Fiverr. To my surprise, 3 of the top 10 services listed fell squarely on my area of expertise. I was mad at myself. I couldn’t find a possible way of forgiving myself for this. In fact, checking on some of the sellers profile on Fiverr who offered the same service like me made me angrier, at the same time optimistic.

My Strategy that Worked

For the next 3 days, I embarked on the process of building my profile. I started out by listing all the skills that I had and comparing them with those of the experts top-ranked sellers in Fiverr. I went ahead and crafted my gigs in the best way that I could.

The next step was to read as much as I could on how to make it as a seller on the platform. I joined all the forums that I could, read testimonials from guys on how they landed their first sell among other things. This gave me the encouragement that I needed so much. In fact, it gave me a lot of hope that soon, I will be making my first sale.

I also noticed that among the major things that were glaringly evident to clients was the average time taken for one to respond to messages. Initially, my Fiverr updates were being taken to the ‘Updates’ tab in my Gmail account.

For starters, Gmail introduced the tabbed feature in their inbox to ensure that you only concentrated on the most important emails and catch up with the rest later. I get a lot of emails, and most of them are promotional emails. This is irritating, if you are like me, getting up to more than 10 new emails daily, only to find out that they are only updates. So the tabbed organization by Gmail was a welcome idea to me.

My approach to this was to drag and drop Fiverr Updates to the Primary tab, so that whenever there was an inbox or an update, I would get a notification to my Phone directly. This is because I noticed that Fiverr app at times failed to notify me in case there was a message to my inbox. This way, I sorted the response time on my Fiverr account.

The Great News

My First Sell came up after just one week of being active on Fiverr. This was after I had created about 6 gigs on my account. I couldn’t imagine the amount of joy that I exhibited the moment I got an email notification that someone had sent me a message. Within 5 minutes, I had responded to the inbox and discussed the order details.

The most important email that I will keep close to my heart remains: ‘Great news: You’ve received an order from ######’. It was a game changer. I couldn’t sleep until I made sure that I uploaded the complete order. And within just 12 hrs, the client had the order as requested despite having agreed on delivering it within 48hrs.

I now have one sell to my account and I am optimistic that by the end of this week, my statistics will have changed for the better.

Parting Shot

I know it is a hustle and at the same time frustrating landing that first Fiverr sale. In fact, many people end up losing hope just because of not being able to make that first sale. However, I believe that people do vary. Some will get their first sell within hours of creating an account. Others will go for months without even getting those encouraging number of views and clicks. However, research and read more to understand how Fiverr works and what you need to improve on. Fiverr Forum is the best place to start with.

I believe that I still need to do a lot to improve on my impressions to clients, but I believe in taking one step at a time. I will appreciate if you could look at my profile and advice on what I could change to make it better since growth is continuous. The link to my profile is

Thanks for finding the time to go through my experience.