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How Hard is It To Get Sales With a Category Already Packed?


I know creativity is key for sales in Fiverr. I, as a seller, am limited to text based gigs so it’s either my lyrics writing or article writing. Now, to my question. With article writing, there’s already multiple gigs for that. So, it’s difficult for a new-comer with 0 reviews to get a customer when there’s others with almost 100+ reviews.

So really, as Fiverr goes on, it should be harder and harder for new sellers in a packed category to get sales. It’s obvious, yes but do you see this as a problem for future users of Fiverr and a potential turn-off? I’m trying to stay persistent in my work but I feel as if it’s difficult unless you scout the request gigs 24/7. (How I got my two sales [but one lead to multiple orders])

And, I rambled, lol. I’ll repeat it the main question, “do you see this as a problem for future users of Fiverr and a potential turn-off”


I’m in two of the most saturated categories going seo and videos. I do extremely well


I am a writer and I write in a very specific category, which is my area of expertise. If there is a subject you have experience in maybe you can limit your writing to that area. I do, and I have succeeded to some extent.

Keep in mind buyers can order multiples of articles under one gig so when you level up you may have one gig with up to 8 articles per gig. I never spin articles and each is custom written when ordered. Quality is important. Writing in a specialized field means there is much less competition.

Good Luck