How has August been?


Hello fellow Fiverrians (hope am correct). Today is 21th of August and as it looks the month is packing its luggage to leave for next month to come in.

But before that let’s discuss. How has been sales on your side. I offer data entry services and sales has been so low, just 1 sale :scream::sob::sob:.

How has August been to you?

This month is better in terms of sales compared to previous month Is it same for you guys?

has been great over 10 orders earnt over 250$


Which gig do you offer?


i offered many but alot of them were custom orders check my gigs


Vacation mode all the way through. Did a couple of orders for returning customers who approached me via PM, but otherwise I just took it off :slight_smile:


August’s been good…my biggest order ever just cleared and entered my PayPal. Happy :sunglasses:


how much was it? im curious haha


Well, I can tell you everybody’s favorite mod @eoinfinnegan gets bigger orders :sweat_smile:


This month will be my best ever when I finish the orders in queue over the next few days.
Also, you forgot the inverted commas on favorite.


August was good. $250+ so far :slight_smile:


Happy for you​:blush::grinning:…hope it continues


Appalling, worse month ever since starting. This has, however, been covered to death in several other forum posts.


August has been good, 25 orders thusfar, and a few more in the pipeline.


Slowest month ever for me as well. And I have tried everything I can think of to increase sales but no luck.


Being new to Fiverr Its my 20th day on Fiverr and almost made 300+ but had one bad cancel order worked 2 days for a guy first said your are going nice I like work and then at last cancelled order saying I didn’t receive what I wanted


August Is Awesome as Always for me. I joined fiverr 25th of august 2016 :slight_smile: so its gonna be first fiverr year.


You are a Fiverr PRO sir… You are in the limelight


Yes visited his profile and i was bounced back like a ball after seeing his gig prices… Although what a profile and what a banding i like his cowboys hat :slight_smile: thumbs up for sir. @paulmaplesden


I always hesitate to share, but I remember when I started. I read an Fiverr article about a provider making 100k on Fiverr. I was encouraged by seeing the potential through Fiverr. I wouldn’t have pushed through it if I hadn’t realized the potential. I know there are many that are doing much more than I am. I have freelanced for about 25 years and I currently have about 6 streams of freelance income. Fiverr is my favorite! :slight_smile:

Audio/Video Category
94 Project Completed this month so far!

June was 148 projects.

I don’t have any secrets to search engine optimization. 90% of my customers are repeat customers ordering 1-2 times a week.


Wow amazing i love your progress