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How has Coronavirus impacted your Fiverr orders

I’m sure many of you have been impacted by Coronavirus in different ways. Hopefully, you are good health, practicing social distancing, and hoping to see the tail-end of this madness soon.

I decided to take a break from Fiverr for a bit after working in Level 2 for a few years and paused my account. Unfortunately, this impacted my rating and I was downgraded to level 1. Recently, I noticed an email from Fiverr upgrading me to Level 2 status again and I thought, Hey man, that’s pretty cool. So here I am. Back in business.

Please share your stories of encouragement. I’m sure we could all benefit from this.
Go Team!


Hi - welcome back.

You’ll find a great many existing conversations on this in the category your post has been moved to: Covid-19 discussions.


Although covid is indeed impacting the economies of some countries, I don’t see any down turn in sales.


My career on fiverr started with the help of covid…People were staying at home, using more chatting apps and gaming apps ( discord in my case) etc, thus ordering my service. So its not all bad haha


Nice welcome to your job​:+1::+1:

My career exists on fiver thanks to COVID-19. I’d never suspect a virus would be a reason for my income, but podcasters, gamers, etc. are producing more often, and background music is needed for that. It’s a weird world we live in, isn’t it?


I’m facing similar kind of problem as well. My Response Rate was decreasing very quickly and fiverr authority help me and fixed that.

But today I’m facing another issue, my Positive Rating suddenly decreased to 4.0 percent but it supposed to be 4.9 percent. I didn’t work by this time and had no rating at all which can affect and decrease my Rating. I believe it will be solved soon.

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You do mean stars, not percent right? :grin:


I had a suspiciously and abnormally stable first 7 months.

Then, now in august my gigs dropped a few rows on first page for my keywords and now I am working to get new gigs and try to rank back up.

I understand these things are cyclical, they roll over every couple months.


Yes you got it right. Stars actually :slightly_smiling_face:

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People were staying at home, using more chatting apps and gaming apps


i observed it has both positive and negative effect.
Positive: Actually it is known to all that most people work remotely because of the pandemic. So there is a huge possibility to get work for seller.
Negative: Many lost their job because of this pandemic also shutdown many companies and the employee decide to shift their job. as i talked my former clients some said that they lost their job for this COVID.
So we cannot say either good or bad. it causes both effects.

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