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How has Fiverr impacted your life? (Experienced sellers)

Hi everyone, I wanted to start this topic for a while as I keep having great conversations about the work I have done on Fiverr and the business I was able to build thanks to this awesome platform.

I would like to hear of other stories of how Fiverr has impacted lives positively.

I can say for myself that it has not only helped me financially but this platform has really boosted my self esteem and showed me that I can do and create more than what I think I can. I now have my own business that I was able to grow thanks to the fact that I started creating a lot of my internal processes through my work on Fiverr.

Fiverr has really helped me a lot and I am super grateful for that. I think we are living in a new era of redefining work and consequently, we are redefining what it means to to live as humans in the same way that our ancestors have done it for centuries before that. Fiverr is one of those great tools of change that are allowing that. It’s pretty awesome when you think about it.

I will be sharing some of my experience of going from freelancer to agency at a Fiverr event in Toronto next month, if anyone closeby is interested in attending :slight_smile:

I would love to have some more stories from the Fiverr community to share at the event.

So yeah, let’s share how Fiverr has impacted our lives positively and get some stories out there :slight_smile:


Not positively at all. I have had nothing but a bad time with this company after making a crap load of money for them. I have been demoted TWO LEVELS from 2 missed messages in my past – prior to understanding their new system which they were never fully transparent about. If this is how they want to play then they should be transparent and tell sellers you will drop a level for each missed message you have. The worst experience of any company ever.

I for one will be sharing with my freelance community that i lecture to to NOT go anywhere near fiverr with a 10-foot pole.

ok, I think that Fiverr is a reflection of the market and it is constantly improving and changing. It is our responsibility to learn to change with it. The same thing happened to me, I went from TRS to no level and it hurt at first but it just made me adapt to get my level back and be a better seller. Losing my levels made me decide to go full time as a freelancer and give it my all, it was a good push in the right direction and I have been working extra hard on Fiverr since to offer the best possible service I can. At the end of the day, the quality of the service speaks louder than anything on Fiverr, that’s how I see it and my clients also see the difference. You bounce back and you get better at your skills just like in the real market.

Any positives from your experience as a freelancer or as a fiverr seller? :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but I don’t need this “lesson” to be a better seller. I have been doing my “skill” for 20 years. I also don’t need to be demoted over 2 mistakes of which i was never told would drop me that far. One was a guy harassing me and the other was a guy who wanted a freebie. I put them both off as i was on a hard deadline for a respectable client.
I don’t underrate your experience and perhaps you have seen your skills grow immensely which is wonderful. But they are not a supportive company. They just take a huge chunk of your income and then constantly penalize the seller. The buyer gets away with murder. Case in point: a seller accidentally ordered the same thing with me three times. Fiverr said it could only be fixed my cancelling it which would “unfortunately” hurt my scores but there was nothign they could do about it. NOTHING?? It’s my fault if a buyer has a brain fart?? It’s my fault if a buyer pushes the wrong button?

It was not my intention to give a lesson to anyone. I just shared my experience and how i came to terms with things. Nothing is perfect in life but what gives me a positive outlook on the future is the fact that it is improving. For example the new changes will make it easier to block unwanted people from both ends of the transaction, that may just be a good solution and more will come with time in my humble opinion.