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How has the Packages update affected you?

I am still using the old system but I am considering moving to use packages but I have been hearing lots of things from ‘increased sales’ to ‘sales decreasing’ after applying the Package update.

i individually look at all my clients work and decide on a price on the spot because all of them have different amounts of content. I’m not sure the Package update is right for my category but if they are dropping my sales because I am not using it, maybe I’ll jump aboard and start using the Packages update.

I think it depend on gig, For me it very help to sell my product in right price. If you active the packages, fiverr will pop up your premium package more than basic $5 package, because of that your sell quantity will drop but earning will increase.

Hmm, I guess gig packages work out better for your gig but still unsure on mine to be honest. Not sure whether to take the risk and lose sales or take it and gain sales and more money!

Also, another quick question. Is it possible to just use two packages instead of all three?

Also, I have found that if I switch my gig category to another one, I get more options for gig extras and so on. If I change my catergory, would it affect my search results?