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How has the pandemic affected your sales?

Looking at my stats, I noticed that my best month yet was July, since then, my earnings have slowly decreased each month, has anyone had a similar experience? how has the pandemic affected your sales?
I became a level 2 seller in July so back then I thought my monthly earnings would only increase, I was fooled by my optimism. Also, if you have any tips, I’d love to read them :slight_smile: I’m doing creative writing on Fiverr.


Been on Fiverr for 3 years and 2020 was my best year so far. Made about $1600 more than I did last year.


I’ve been using Fiverr for about 4 years myself. 2020 has not been a great year for me and I do think COVID has had an impact. In fact, a couple of my regular clients have told me they have shifted their focus from web development (I’m a content writer) to more in-house maintenance projects. That will obviously mean they are spending less on freelancers like me.

However, I see it all as a temporary setback that will correct itself in 2021.


Since the pandemic, my sales have actually increased! However, this could be because I just started in August 2020!