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How has your life changed since Fiverr came into it?


I have recently started working on Fiverr as a transcriptionist. I was not the fastest typist when I first started, but that has definitely changed… but my WPM rate is not the reason I am writing this post. In the beginning I was very blessed to get immediate gigs and very amazing buyers who helped me fumble my way through the ways of Fiverr. But it is the jobs that I have received that have started to give my life new direction… this sounds really strange for me even to read back and a little earth childish too but, all the audio’s that I have been sent are enriching my life and helping me to learn more about things that I never knew existed and the ironic thing is that they have all been topics that have somehow directly affected me. So, thank you fiverr for what you are doing for me and my bank account.


Thank you for your post and we are please that you have had such a postive exeprience here on Fiverr, keep up the great work. Please keep posting and offering support and advise to other new members who may have questions or concerns. Your experience will be of great help.


Hi @vdepolo !

Since I started my voiceover gig, I have gotten all sorts of scripts from simple phrase readings to audio books and more. I also gotten a lot of technical materials scripts that go into detail on the behind the scenes aspects of a number of interesting things.

I was just thinking about how much I am learning, in addition to providing my services and making a few bucks!

vdepolo said: helping me to learn more about things that I never knew existed

Nothing like getting paid for a little fiverr school! (*)


I am so glad that other people feel the same way as me… I am still so new to it all that I am finding my feet still and fumbling around in the dark… but I wish I’d have known about it earlier…


Fiverr has dramatically changed my life. If I actually would have taken advantage of using it earlier and trying to get people to order my gigs I would have earned a lot more by now. I could probably earn a lot more if i did voice overs or testimonial but i just don’t have the room or the environment to do it. i was thinking about doing my animated videos with my webcam again. That made a hella lot. believe me I had fun doing it too. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ~Confucius~


I agree! Doing all these voiceovers on fiverr has opened my eyes to so many new things. And some crazy things that make me laugh. I’ve learned a LOT about technology and economics, that’s for sure.