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How have you been encouraged not to give up on fiverr

Tell your stories of encouragement .
Have you ever been tempted to leave Fiverr?


Hello @videoarticle, here’s my story.

I’ve been joining Fiverr before the new level system was introduced.

I bet you felt that you aren’t getting any order apparently and started questioning yourself why this situation happened. I could say that selling on Fiverr is really tough, competing on an over-saturated market is not a great deal if you are lack of motivation on what you are doing.

I was really tempted to leave Fiverr, but somehow some of my past buyers come back and would like me to do some works. So far, i have 4 loyal buyers who think that i’m their go-to designer. Anyway, they aren’t ordinary buyers - they are FRIENDS. We have gone through conversations and there’s always message that keep me motivated.

If i were you, i will give a little bit time to build a good relationship with my buyers, and at the end i’m sure that i will have a good business as the implication of a good relationship. That’s how things work to me and keep me motivated.


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Thanks so much. Your story is indeed motivating .
Very good one, thanks for your response.
Many sellers often feel they are being manipulated when sellers try a little hard to create a great relationship. I guess you are encouraging a make things grow naturally idea. With effort though.

Yes, that’s the key point.

Actually, my first intention isn’t being personally care with my buyers. I care with their business at first, and the only way to show them that i care with their business is deliver works at superb quality. From there, they will care about me in personal and we care each other. Recently, one of them even sent me his family photo and said that he would like me to know for whom i worked for.

He agreed with the price (which is around 8-9 times bigger than the price on my gig) , and now we are working for the second project.

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To be honest, I just let Fiverr run in the background now. Last year, I suffered a mega sales slump. I spent a lot of time attempting to turn things round and experimenting with completely new gig ideas. This year, an even more dire sales slump has come about, despite all my stats being top notch compared to last year.

This time round, I’m not fighting it. Realistically, time spent trying to is futile and can (arguably) be very wasteful. I will likely only turn Fiverr off if I take on commitments which can’t be managed otherwise. That said, it is tempting to completely shut things down, open a new account (legally) and benefit from a few cool perks that newbies have these days.

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What perks are new? It’d be a bummer if they weren’t also available to long-time users.


Rising talent and repeat buyer badges. Also, new sellers who price themselves at certain price points seem to get better all-round exposure. I’d milk all that like a nice cash cow with some fancy re-branding. Sadly, I can’t be bothered to start over again. I’d rather retrain as a parking warden. People tell me I have the dead eyes for it and love walking. :slight_smile:


Haha, I’m sure that’s just an air of authority they’re sensing!

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Hi @cyaxrex , thanks for your great response. Not encouraging though.
So , your encouragement?

After all the “shut things down” temptation.
I know you won’t give up. Will you? No.

How have you been motivated to be tenacious & resilient in your determination to earn from fiverr?


Do not give up soon. One day is yours.

One quote for you

There’s a time in your life where you’re not quite sure where you are. You think everything’s perfect, but it’s not perfect… Then one day you wake up and you can’t quite picture yourself in the situation you’re in. But the secret is, if you can picture yourself doing anything in life, you can do it.


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Perfect @ajaykaran9211

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Thank you so much… Keep going up no one suggest you best here… It’s all you

I’m motivated, tenacious, and resilient enough to know that when I need money, I make money wherever it is easiest to do so. I won’t give up on Fiverr. But I also won’t give up on myself by falsely idolizing Fiverr.

Be good at what you do. As a freelancer, that’s all you can do. It doesn’t matter where you flog yourself.

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Now i understand you beter. Perfect!!

Fiverr brings me a stream of clients that I don’t really have to advertise for, so I’m not tempted to give up on it at this point. It would be a very good idea to start diversifying my income streams, though.

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