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How have you been on Fiverr all this time?

Just confide in.

Please don’t take this problem too seriously :slight_smile:
just think of it as entertainment :).

I’m a new member on Fiverr …
If within 1 week or 2 weeks there is no change in this sale, maybe it looks like I should close my account. I try to always check starting from my Email account, Fiverr account, even until I learn various methods of how to be successful on Fiverr. still nothing changes.

The thing that makes me weird is this: when I get some BUYER REQUEST, on the left it can’t be clicked, the caption is: “No Offers Left” I don’t know what this description means. So that makes me confused. Trying to find a way, why, and how a solution about this.

Uniquely, there are so many people who send “BUYER REQUEST” orders, but none of them respond or are serious about using my services.

I have learned this, how to respond to BUYERS well and politely. For example, one of my Gig Items costs $10, then I lowered the price to $5 to BUYER REQUEST, but this actually makes me uncertain even though I still try to be patient in this matter.

Especially in this pandemic era, it is very hindering to find opportunities for freelancers.

If anyone has experienced something similar, please respond or maybe you can share about your experiences & trips during your time on Fiverr.

Hopefully with this confession, I will get a lot of lessons and knowledge that I have got …

Greetings to our seniors, Fiverr juniors.


Being cheap and polite isn’t what makes a sale. You need to demonstrate that you understand the work requested and not write a generic answer about how good you are.


You might be able to find an answer on below link. :slight_smile:


You’ve got to remember that in many developed parts of the world $5 is worth very little.

Decent buyers - the sort that won’t resort to blackmail or cancelling after you’ve delivered their work - will be prepared to pay more than $5.

I suspect that most sellers who respond to buyer requests automatically bid the lowest amount possible, where as decent buyers want to pay more. They know that their money will buy quality.

Don’t assume that everyone only wants to pay $5.


I can’t believe the “cheap” rates I’ve seen listed on Buyers Requests for my product categories.

I won’t do anything for less than $25.

You may need to set a limit as well and stick to it.

By the way, if you are on Fiverr thinking you will get rich, be able to buy a car, house or afford a great vacation in the next few months…forget it.

Fiverr is a platform that will give you access to a lot of freelancing opportunities.

Some of them work out, some don’t.

However, you can make a fairly good part-time earning here as well.

It won’t happen if you keep hoping on something coming out of Buyers Request listings.


Lord knows i can never sell any service for $5 lol