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How he contact with me> Am I create buyer request or he search my gig?


Please check the image and try to say how to contact ?


If you´re asking how to send him a custom offer:
Click the ‘Create an Offer’ button below the inbox:

When you click that, you´ll get a pop up so you can choose the gig he reacted to (or another gig if you think another gig is more relevant to what he wants) and then you can write some text, put a price, choose a delivery time and an expiration time, how many if any revisions you give and then send the custom offer. He can accept it then.


thank you for nice description. But I am just asking how he got me… ?


If you mean how he found you, well, you see in his message that he reacted to the gig that is shown there, it says that his message is ‘relate to’ over the image of your gig. I suppose he found your gig the usual way, when browsing your category or by using search with keywords your gig have. If you want to be sure, you’ll have to ask him. How did you get your other buyers, all through Buyer Requests?


Thank you so much for information