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How healthy communication is important to keep your clients for long time?


I am sharing my personal experience here, i don’t know if it works with you all or not, but it works with me every time. The more time you give to your buyer, more he will understand your work and personality. Some of my clients come back again and place orders because of my good communication, instant replies and delivering the work they want. It builds trust.

Sometimes, some of my clients order one gig and ask me to do work related to another gig I have. I happily give them favor and do the work that they require instead of what they ordered. If you help them and they will be back to you.

Never forget to ask your clients during delivery the gig that if you need more help, let me know! It may turn in to another sell…


Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
We just visited your profile page. Nice gigs :slight_smile:


Absolutely right kumkumkaushik. Customers love to believe that you have all the time for them and if it´s the time they visit you, it is their right to find out how you can really help them, especially if they are new buyers on Fiverr. The time you spend with them the first time, it will not be needed later when ordering from you again and again as they know you now and have total confidence in you, this may result in larger orders too. :slight_smile:


Yes, I would touch base with repeat client every few months to see if they had something coming. However the broken search function make it impossible to find them without spending hours hitting the load more on my history button. UGH. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.