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How I active 24 hours Fiverr in a legal way?

We are Human and we need to rest but Fiverr want the seller activity 24/7 How can I do it the right way? If I add an extension any effect my profile or not?

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Why do that? It won’t help you in any way to get sales.

Thanks, @misscrystal I know that It don’t help me for get sales but It will be help my impression rating. Would not it? Auto refresh does allow Fiverr?


If you want more impression keep updating your gigs or add any video related to you work inside your gig.


Thanks, @rabiyakhan651 But all time gig update or change video does not any effect still impression going down and down


You’ll have problems if you do that.

Fiverr doesn’t want you to lie that you’re online when you’re not.


This falls into the cheating and rule violations category.

I want to emphasize that any way you try to get around the rules or trick the fiverr site is not going to help you and probably is going to hurt you.

In no way will this help you. It won’t add to your impressions. It won’t get you sales.
Don’t waste your time trying to fool the site. This is not how you improve your sales.


Thanks for your useful information especially thanks all of Forum member they help me all time what I need to do and how to get success in Fiverr. Every problem I try to solve here and they get there best idea.