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How I again earned 2nd level


Hay my self Menhaz mezan. Recent past, I earned level 2 but. Some mistake was from me Fiver demoted my level. How can again I get level 2 please sugest. And please tell me how many time or how many orders …


The email says you need to wait 30 days after the demotion. If you still meet the standards after 30 days, I am assuming you are automatically promoted again.

“This is your second reminder. Therefore you were temporarily demoted.
If there are no further violations in the next 30 days, and you’ll still meet the rest of the standards, your level will be restored”


thanks for kind information .
If this month I will get less oder from previous month any problem kindly tell me .I am looking for positive response


Honestly, I don’t see how you managed to get to Level 2 in the first place. I thought you needed 50 reviews in 2 months. You have 41.


Not 50 reviews - just 50 sales.