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How I became a level 2 seller - some tips for you. [ARCHIVED]

Hi everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to share my fiverr story.

I started selling my keyword research service on Dec 16.

Within 2 days, i hit my 10th sale and became level 1 seller

Today, 15 days later, i just got an order for my 50th sale and became a level 2 seller with 100% gig rating.

I work 60 hours a day as a chef and have 2 small kids but somehow because of the extra time during the holidays i managed to do about 5 orders a day.

I’m telling you all of this because:

  1. I wanted to thank some of the forum fiver members who contributed to their tips and advice, i could not have done this without your help. so thank you!!!

  2. Provide you with motivation that if i can do this anyone can.

Here are some tips that come to my mind:

  • place a video of your fiverr gig from day1. i believe this was the main reason i started getting orders right away without any history.

  • listen to other successful fiverr sellers who are willing to give you advice in this forum (again, i took this advice to heart and really applied some of the tips being offered here)

  • do anything to help make your gig stand out especially if you are in a saturated niche…offer a bonus, make your gig an express gig, and use all of the description word count to explain your services. Use all of your tags too btw.

  • be good with communicating with your customers and over deliver!

  • Treat your fiverr account like a business, keep fiver happy and keep your customers happy and be a good steward to the fiverr community.

I can’t believe i’m giving out advice after only being a fiver seller for 15 days. Somehow my heart says that someone might be able to benefit from this.

thank you!

Congratulations to you and excellent advice!

Thanks sweetie Congrats to you and your kids. I guess you doing all these over load work because of your kids. Enjoy

Wow great job!!

thanks! and i meant to say 60 hours a week not day, ha ha. :slight_smile:

Jaya, good tips and congrats for becoming level 2 so fast.

@jayapatel Thank for your advice…just keep motivating us like that.

Good luck be pleasure to visit my gig too. May be you would be interested to design your own living space interior.

Hello once again,

Please answer my question too :)>-

Thanks! :slight_smile:

@jayapatel Awesome advice… Just made it to my concern…thanks again and congrats to an Indian

by an Indian…

Reply to @jayapatel: haha when I was reading that I thought “I hope not!”

@alexgreene yeah, i thought to myself that would make me a superhero. :slight_smile:

@dins_cool wishing you the best too!

@tshuenade i’ll check out your gig for sure.

Note to self: need to come back and visit my old posts so i can comment on the repliers. :slight_smile:

What format should the video be in for upload? I cannot find anything telling me about a format? Also, Fiverr says their shouldn’t be any website address showing in you video. I have seen web site addresses in top seller videos. Why are their videos accepted?

Hi jayapatel,

Thanks for the tips, I think we really need to get a video happening ASAP for our gig. A personal introduction would really make a difference I think.

I think another tip would be to leave positive feedback for the buyer as well after they’ve left their positive feedback.




PS: Any other pointers you can give for our gigs specifically?

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


i’m not a video expert by no means. I used screen-o-matic to do a video of my screen showing my service so people have an idea of what they will get for me and it worked great.

you can check out my video, i have no idea about the format other than it is in mp4 form.


i would def. add buyer feedback to the list of tips.

as far as your gig, just checked it out, i don’t see any video promotions for any of your gigs. it really would kick up your sales if you did that.

That’s really awesome Jaya :slight_smile: Amazing, really!

I hope I can get enough people to want my videos in order to reach level 1 or 2 :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work. I see by your video you act very professional and I think that adds to your trustworthiness.

Congrats dear

Congrats in million time for sharing this resourceful information, many knows better but preferred to sell ithis as a gig instead