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How I became a level 2 seller - some tips for you. [ARCHIVED]

thanks so much i will added this tips to my gig and see what happens. thanks and congrat

That is AMAZING! Congrats!

I have been on Fiver since Jan 2nd and I’ve sold over 10 gigs… from reading your post, does it mean that after 10 sales you get promoted to level 1? How longdo I have to wait… In my first 5 days I had about 20 orders.

Thank you in advance!

Appreciate :slight_smile:

nice advice for newcomer like me, thx,

Congrats for the success of your gig. :slight_smile: Nice tips. Thanks a lot for sharing… :slight_smile:

Wow great job!!

Incredible to achieve this height with fiverr within 15 days. Anyway thanks for the tips

Thanks for the tips! :slight_smile:

Really superb!!!, wish you all the best to become top rated saler very soon.

*My spelling mistake:it would be seller :slight_smile:

The same goes for me when i Introduced my LOGO gig i got 21 Orders in 3 days getting me to level 1 status!

Good luck!

great to hear that my dear.

When you say upload a video, do you mean a video introducing your gigs or upload to youtube promoting your gigs. Oh and thanx for the great information.


Express Gig is the key. People will give a new gig a try just based on it being completed quickly. Once you build up a lot of feedback, you can then slow it down. I got to 1000 positives on my logo gig based on completing the gig in under 24 hours. And I did this before “Express” was a true option on Fiverr.

Express gigs are great tips for all sellers.


@designinc you are absolutely right, i’m not a express gig anymore but 1st 10 days i was and that made a big difference as well.

@jg1969 upload video to your gig, showing your sample work instead of just an image is what i believe got me so many orders initially. You can build immediate trust with your buyer.

Hi, Jaya

it’s Great to see you got a level 2 in less time and also we all are thankful to sharing such a nice tips to get order. I have a one query in first month i got a regular order but after i am not getting any single order now. Can you guide me ?