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How i become "MILLIONAIRE" in my country using (REAL LIFE STORY)

I am feeling very happy and blessed Today i have achieved (10K$) Milestone Today . In my country i become (Millionaire) That all because of GOD blessing , Parents prayers Fiverr and the this community including Valuable and respectable buyers , and sellers who share their experiences and also TRS.

Little background

I was student of BS(computer science ) and I have started working on (October 2013) at . One of my best friend told me about the fiverr. I am very crazy computer lover !!! started using computer from my childhood .Then i start using INTERNET on 2004 and at that age i was only doing chatting and surf Internet just for fun .But due to chatting so much my typing speed becomes more good and faster (250 Words per minute ). Then i suddenly realize how these chatroom works and developed then my way of thinking totally changed. I start using the POWER OF GOOGLE and explore things how website developed and how these chatroom developed . Then i start learning basics of HTML and developed so many websites for friends and chatroom free just for learning purpose . Learn the Server side configuration .So in this way i have little experience about development of website . Then when my friend told me about the First thing came to my mind was "Lets Try " .

Family Problems and hurdles at that time

At that time the financial situation at my home was not good . Father was retired from his 32 years Job of General Manageri in a garment firm. We never had face hard time at home before the father retirement . so that was worst time of my life . I even not sleep two days properly and thinking about future what will happens next to my life now ? my studies , home expenditures bla bla

Working Experience at

I make my first gig related to chat system or chatroom rooms development .My first buyer was order me 25$ and i did his work and get Thumbs up .!!!

That was very very very fantastic experience for me when i did my first sale on then i realize the power of then I met with Lots of God Gifted Clients Who himself millionaires in America. I started developing good relation with my buyers . Then i Learn new CMS (wordpress) at that time . I learned that platform by using the help of GOOGLE . Then i make my second Gig related to (WORDPRESS). I got my first client from West Indies who order my gig 75 times One of the repeat and oldest client .

It was not easy to achieve this milestone . I study day time in the university and work on on nights so i try my best to manage with my studies AND Recently completed my Degree with good CGPA. I work day and nights so that i can support my family and myself and studies .

How fiverr change my Life

Before i dont have a single penny of mine . But now i can say i am millionaire because of . Fiverr earning helps me to pay my bills study semester fee and other bills and All are happy at my family !!! … Even my father feels proud so much. I explore fiverr knowledge to my other brothers at home and to my close friends . One of my brother is also seller on having 100 percent rating same like me and having 100+ reviews. The young brother is also freelancer on other website . So working freelancer is itself a great experience .

About my Fiverr Stats

First of all i am level 2 seller .
I have 100 percent Rating so far.
Completed 470+ orders
28 not rated
No Negative review so far
Average sale : 27$
Total order created so far 588
Total earning : $10,062 which is more than 1 Million in my country (Pakistan) Thats after fiverr 20 percent fee which is totally deserving .

Tips for Other sellers

Use unique title of your gig .
Keywords selection should be good
Always polite with Clients even he say you bad words .
Always do handwork , do changes again and again till buyers satisfied .
Do more than what the buyer expected .
Always respect your elders.
Don’t try shortcuts or always follow policies . 90 percent people did not know about Fiverr policy thats the fact . You must learn and memorize that .

Don’t use ordinary pictures on yours Gig . Try to be real and polite . Hope its helps you .

Purpose of sharing this story

Just share my happiness and also you people can take this as motivation . This will surly make you energetic more attentive and interested in your work on . Remember me in your prayers will share information and experience with you people in future !!!

Yahooooooooooooooo0!!! its party time

Thank you


PS: i am not native english so bear with my english !!! thank you


wow…what an inspirational story :smiley:
Happy for you!


What a great story. Thank you very much for sharing and best of luck for the future :wink:

thank you so much !!! :slight_smile:

thank you so much !!! Julipalmer7

Thank you so much for appreciating… And thanks for your wishes

Wah Kia baat hai!!

thank you so much !!!

Congrats Pintooo0… Amazing to see such a great story…Hope to become like you oneday… :slight_smile:

thank you . !!! everybody can the key to success is hardwork !!!


I wish for other as well to achieve this type of success


Good story well told pintoo. You know, you could make even more money by teaching your fellow countrymen how to be a good seller on Fiverr :wink: Think about it. With your skillset it shouldn’t be hard to create a targeted website, and you can do it in your native tongue. Could even do a webinar.

Did you go to that Fiverr meeting in… er… can’t remember. One of your big cities. I bet you could do better than that!

PS definitely have a party. It’s not a sound financial investment but it’s fun!

Thank you so much !!! Appreciation from you people always makes me boost up …

Yeah it was in my neighbour city hosted by My country fellow TRS. Unfortunatly i could not attend that event i was having exam at that time . 2 hour drive from my city .

I have trained some of my friends in univeristy and also my own sibling .

Yeah idea is perfect to make a own webiste for others . In pakistan you will not beleive out ot 5 people one must know about fiverr. Specially a person belong to conputer science field .But the problem is everyone wants to earn in nights lolx without doing hardwork i joined 0ctober 2013

And thank you again for appreciating

And it is around 7 month old post .now i am going to have new milestone hopefully this month will share with you people soon … Suspense needs prayers and wishes of u people :slight_smile:

Thank you so much !!!

These old posts always catch me out! I look forward to hear you new news. You are in a strong position. Use it to help your countrymen! Unfortunately a millionaire in Europe is going to take a lot more work.

i mostly have buyers from Europe , USA , canada . Mine world domination is 20% . I love these buyers . !!! in Europe mostly from Romania , Germany , Denmark etc

wow! congratz!

great! :slight_smile: happy for u :slight_smile: