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How i can add more than 3 pictures in gig


When I make a new gig and want to add more than 3 pictures I can not.Can anyone help me ??


3 is the max, you can add one video and Pdf file but not more than 3 images,


you can do a PDF with a lot of images (3 pages max) :slight_smile:
also, max 2 PDF :slight_smile:

or… 1 video with images… photoslider :sunglasses:


I also think 3 is pretty limited. As a new seller with 3 tiers, that’s just one image per tier! How am I supposed to convince a new client with just one option per tier to show (each tier is a different level of painting style). I mean there is plenty of space for more and I’ve seen other seller with more than 3 images and a portfolio. So why then hold back new seller with just 3 images? and no portfolio option? I understand there needs to be a limit but really? 3? So yes I’m thinking of a video or pdf but why must I be forced to make new material when it would be simpler to add a few more images. Easier for the clients too. I just don’t understand why the limit.