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How i can avoid Cancellation?

Hi everyone,
I am so up set as i have cancelled many orders in last 30 days. I am trying to do my best but buyers wants cancel the order after finish the work. Even some buyers leave the feedback then they charge back directly from PayPal. How to avoid all these scams?

I think its affecting my Gig performance if this routine carries then i will be never top rated seller on fiverr.

Your valuable suggestions will highly appreciated

Kind Regards,

Shabir Bhat


Please consider on your quality you are producing. Try to enhance your skills in your field. And contact with CS regarding charge back.


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I had a similar problem but then I noticed all the cancellations were coming from only one gig. I paused that particular gig and that was the last time it happened. I think it had something to do with the description. Maybe the buyers were misunderstanding what I was offering.

@ronhi85 i cannot the gig which is my lead gig.

@digitalartists I am always providing good quality work to the buyers and they even leave feed back as well but later they charge back. I contacted CS but they said they dont have control over that.

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Maybe you can edit the description to ensure there are no misunderstandings. You could also use the FAQs section to clarify what your gig does and does not offer


Yeah i think that will be great thank you

FAQ’s and questions with required answers can cut out a lot of misunderstanding in Fiverr. Great shout.

Thank you so much…I am doing this now

It would mainly depend on the reason. If people order accidentally or did not read your description, then there’s nothing you can do about it.

But if the reason is something people expected but was not provided, then you should update your gig description to cover that.