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How I can be a successful seller on Graphic Design

Someone, please tell me how I can be a successful seller of fiber Your advice might change our lives so please let us know as much as you know I hope you will let me know as much as you know and everyone who sees this post will agree with you Will continue and will try to comply. Thank you very much. Good luck to everyone for viewing this post

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Well, to start, I hope you are prepared to not get a lot of work.

You have chosen to provide a service where there is a very high percentage of competition.

That means a lot of others on Fiverr are also offering Graphic Design.

I’m sure if you looked at some of the other Sellers doing this there won’t be a number of them working.

It takes time to establish any kind of business, including freelancing.

You’ll have to work at it to get business.

I don’t normally suggest BRs, but have you tried to put offers in on jobs posted at the Buyers Request page?

It’s a drop down option in your Gig page menu across the top of the page.

You may get some work there, but it will be low-priced.

Good luck.


I Just want to say please focus on low competition niche. Find niches related to your expertise and offer services on those topics. Because if you just starting you need to find low competition keywords/Nich.

Thanks for giving me tips

oaky i’ll try it Thank you…

Yes, @looseink is right, Graphic Design is high competition! However, all hope is not lost, you would have to do a lot of research to ‘niche down’ your gigs as much as you can. Avoid offering the general service everyone else is offering. Research what buyers need and offer that.

I hope this helps. All the best!

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Thank you good day…