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How I can change gig URL?

When I had created a gig 2 years ago then title was different . Now I have changed gig title according to relevant keyword but url remain same as before . I want to change gig url for better position in search result . Is there any way to change it ? Thanks in advance .


There is no way to change that.


You can’t change it.Because it is initiate when you publish gig at the first time.You can change the title and gig tags.


_No dear you can not change it _


This was already said TWICE, before you said the same thing. There is no benefit to copying or parroting what other forum users say.


Thanks everybody for reply .

You can’t change gig permalink. Fiverr may work on this in future.


Hmm ok sir sorry for this mistake. Thank

You can’t change it now. It initiates when you create a gig. So always keep that in mind when you create any gig.

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They probably won’t change it. Keeping the URL helps with spotting scams (say, someone gets reviews for one thing, and then changes the gig to something completely different, trying to make it appear as if they’ve got reviews for a different service).


Nope, they’ve probably made the URL’s permalink as the ID of a gig.
They should implement to have this feature.

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if I delete the GIG and make a new GIG, will it change my URL?

The deleted gig will have gone and the new gig will have a new URL.

No way to change that. If highly need, You can create now gig as you want.

no dear you cannot change it at any cost …

Wrong. He can change it at the cost of deleting the GIG entirely and making a new one from scratch.
But now that we have that covered, can you please take time and share with me what compelled you to read just one first post of the topic, skip all the replies already made here that solved question years ago? I am curious.

you cannot change it without deleting your gig and then making a new one

You didn’t answer the question.