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How I can Convert my gig into pro gig


give me idea how to fill application form

full detail provide me
here is my gig can it able to convert into pro


You can’t convert a regular gig into a pro one.

You need to fill out the Pro application and if you are accepted, Fiverr staff will walk you through the creation of your first Pro gig.

Re: your request for someone to provide you “full detail” into filling out the application, if you can’t fill out the application, you are not Pro material.

You can still thrive on Fiverr as a level 2 seller, and that’s an easily attainable goal. That will also prime you to elevate your skills and customer service.


You can’t. I know this because I read the rules and you can, too.

Also, say please and ask. Don’t tell people what to do. It’s rude.


I believe you need more than 2 reviews and 4.7 stars to become a pro. Your last delivery was 3 weeks ago so I would focus more on gig visibility and Buyer Requests to get more reviews and improve that rating a bit. Aim for Lvl 1 for now. When you get it, focus on Lvl 2. After that, your main focus should be Top Rated Seller and when you get that, you can think about Pro Application, if you still want it. 4.7 is not really a bad rating, it’s just worse than a lot of your competitors (and you have a lot of them, myself included). Focus on bringing your gig on the first pages in search results to get more impressions. This is where I am at now.


You don’t need any reviews to become a Pro seller (though having overall review of 4.7 is highly unlikely to help). Brand new sellers can become Pro sellers if their application gets accepted.


And if I have an 8 man team, a graphic design studio and I work with big brands, would I get accepted? :slight_smile:

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There’s only one way to find out: apply and see if they accept you. :slight_smile:

There are no guarantees that someone will be accepted, but one of the things they’re definitely looking for is proof of previous work with big brands/corporations/names.

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The Pro seller I’m familiar with was writing advertising copy for several companies for years before coming to fiverr where she became a Top Rated Seller before applying to be a Pro seller.

There is ample proof of that since she has mentions on various places and job sites on the internet. It’s also very obvious she is extremely well qualified from her work on fiverr.

If you write with bad grammar my guess is that it’s going to lower your chances to be a Pro seller.

That’s what I was thinking. I have a contract with KFC, Pizza Hut, Mesopotamia, Pull&Bear, H&M…but only here in Romania. I create their banners, ads, menus, posters and short animations. But I don’t think it’s enough, because it’s local, even if they are big.

Tudor I think you should mention your first and last name in your profile since those great logos have your name on them. I can see you are very talented by looking at that set of logos you did.
If you can somehow prove you work for those companies you might have a chance.

I didn’t do that so clients can’t search me online and put my Fiverr account in danger :slight_smile:

I see. Ask customer support if you are allowed to use your own name in your profile. I know there are pro sellers who use their own names on fiverr. Maybe they can give you some suggestions. Tell them you work for those companies as a designer.
Send them that link to those designs you did also.

Ok. We are off-topic a bit here :slight_smile:

We are talking about how to be a Pro seller. But it’s up to you.

It costs you nothing to apply. And those are definitely big names.


Ok, thank you for your advice :slight_smile: I will probably try and apply.


You seem to be possibly qualified.


Check this out:


Above informations are very nice

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