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How I can create error free gig



This is Polash AKA polash007k. I work more than 1 year in fiverr. I am promoting my gig in social media a lot but every time the impression cross 1.9k it drop automatically to 1.1k and decrease every day then I got disappointed and stop promoting and it keeps going down. Please help me. I need to increase my order. I have 100% success rate and 100% order complete even I always delivered in time. Any suggestions and problem-solving advice most appreciated. Thankyou


Promoting your gig on social media has nothing to do with gig impressions.
Gig impressions are generated by fiverr system based on your performance and many other factors.


what types of performance? I find promoting in social media it increase my views


It increases your views, not your impressions.


So how Do I increase my impression?


As I mentioned before there is nothing you can do to increase your impressions. They are generated by fiverr system deciding how many times they will show your gig.