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How i can do lots of thinks in only 5$...?

Just now I Got a buyer Request & the Job description is below. my question is Is it logical to make a website full newspaper website in 5$ budget…? expecting some advice from experts.

Buyer Job requirements:

only those apply who can do this in $5 and already have a premium newspaper theme. Hello, I’m looking for a WordPress expert who can help me to create a News blog website. Requirements. 1) I want the newspaper premium theme to be installed in my site. (I will not Buy it, only those apply who have newspaper theme) 2) I want you to create 6 pages, and in footer, I will need about us, contact us, term and conditions page. ( You have to write a unique description for these 3 pages). 3)- The site must be SEO friendly and the load time must be less than 1 sec. here is website link. **********.com my budget is fixed, only those apply who can work in this budget. write “bleedgreen” while sending offers, thanks.

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This is not fair. :disappointed_relieved:


This offer is likely from someone who does “drop service”, I don’t know why you accepted …


actually in am not accepting till now. but I surprise customer demand…

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Also, I am scared now… :frowning:


You should never, ever offer your services at a non-reasonable price. Always know your worth and the value of what you do :slight_smile:


Thanks your nice advice.

Buyers request is buyers request. He can ask that you make him 5 websites for 5$ or 50 websites for 5$.

It is up to you to sent offer or not.

If you see someone who wants 100000 something for 5$ it is his right. No one has to send offers if they do not want to do the work.


According to me, don’t need to apply this type of project. In most cases, these sorts of offers are fraud(my own opinion).
Thanks for sharing.

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Yes, As You have a buyer profile So you are current… :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your advise.

What a disgusting lowlife buyer. This is not reasonable. Far from reasonable.

The buyer knows exactly what they are doing. They know there are some very desperate sellers who will respond (people desperate to get their first job), and the fact you need to reply with “bleedgreen” suggests the buyer knows how to filter out those applicants who haven’t fully read the job description.

The buyer might use “bleedgreen” as a code word. I say he will bleed you dry of your time, skills and pride if you apply for this job.

While it is true that a seller can detail their own price when responding to a buyer request, everything about this job adverts shouts ‘if you work with me you will be abused’. Please don’t go anywhere near it. It will end in tears.


Yeah, Some new sellers even do this.


@english_voice, Right you are. After reading this type of Job description, I just thought that, as we are freelancers, we have no value. where a hotel boy getting 5$ tips on her every works from this type of cusomer… :frowning:

@chris_ld, Yes brother… You are right… when I seed that request then already 6 people applied.

$5 is impossible for work

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