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How I can get featured?

Hi Friends, I has been an incredible journey with fiverr by now. I have been recently upgraded to Level 1 seller in fiverr. There are so many benefits of being a Level 1 seller. Most of the benefits I have understood. The only thing I haven’t understood is "Eligibility to be featured at promotional listings
" this benefit. It will be my immense pleasure if anybody here can guide me what does this mean and how I can I get featured.

Thanks in advance.

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I have contacted suport about that and they said:

Unfortunately we are not able to fulfill your request at this time. Instead, I suggest visiting our Academy, as well as our Forum, where you can find many tips/advice about how to get more sales. Good luck!

Here are the most useful tips I found on the forum [LONG]:


Thankyou. I will read the article, and apply it to my profile