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How i can get first order

i have a big problem here :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face: , i cant get first order

iam new in this site and i send a buyer request for alot but no one answer me no one send to me msg
idk what should i do
i see alot of ppl in facebook make buyer review etc idk is that right way or it cheat way.

Focus on quality responses to buyer requests. You can send 300 responses to Buyer Requests but that wonโ€™t make sales likely unless your pitch is effective and engaging. Are you tailoring to the needs, problems and industry of the buyer or are you just sending a generic copy/paste response to everyone?

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No for example i see in buyer request need a designer for logo .
Iam offer him i will work for this project , and send my behance link to check my work .

And tell him iam new here but i can give you example for my work etc

That is generic, though. This is your problem. It doesnโ€™t matter that the buyer is asking for a designer and you do design. You still have to tailor your case to their specific needs. The need of a designer is just the general need. What kind of branding do they need? What is their industry? What kinds of products need design? Etc. Simply saying you are a designer is generic and doesnโ€™t give any insight on your suitability. You must tailor to the buyer. Always.

Any good buyer is going to specify those details to get the best fit for their project.

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