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How i can get level one badge?


i am a graphic designer i joined fiver two days ago i want to know what is the criteria of fiverr for rewarding badge?


You have to active on website for 30 days and have complete 10 order with minimum 4 star rating then you will get level bedge.


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Btw welcome to fiverr. have great future ahead…


Reply to @mallika255: thank you so much :slight_smile:


Just be positive and deliver your best. You will do perfectly fine.


A great tip to help turn one-time sales into repeat customers is to always try to provide a little extra over what your gig offers. This will pleasantly surprise your clients, and almost always pays back in dividends. Happy customers = 5-star ratings, which in turn = more gigs bought by new custumers, to boot. Happy selling!


Reply to @regerar: Thank you so much but i am still confuse how i can get first order ? because i have nothing to get customers trust but only gigs.