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How i can get maximum orders...?


Dear Buyers/Sellers
I want to know how can i get orders(means what i can do to make my gig strong and get maximum orders).
Sara Harold


Give more time to fiverr and wait for your first order.
After that first order your work will improve.

Best of luck sara



You can promote your gigs so you get a lot of orders.


You could try posting more gigs so that buyers know you have a wide range. Also, it will help you get more buyer’s requests.


how can i promote my gigs


You should try to do marketing your gig on social media and blog site then it will help to get more order.


You promote your gigs on forum and gmail with add a communities of fiverr


please give me some example


Please give me some example


Well, define maximum! Sky is the limit, 2-4 is bliss.


You can share your gig link to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn also.



I am also new on fiverr but still study on youtube about new methods and tricks for first order.
As i study about first order is a little difficult but after first order you will receive more and more buyer requests.
And your work will become easy and you will get orders easily.
Best of luck.



I have finished 4 order but I don’t get many buyer request why