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How I can get more buyers

Hi, I’m a Graphic Designer from Sri lanka. I have sent over 100 buyer requests and got one buyer and did four sales for that buyer and got positive feedback. But even though I sent Buyer requests everyday I couldn’t get another buyer.
Is there anyway I can get more buyers apart from sending buyer requests.


Your Gigs look good :+1:
From 100 offers sent you’ve got one sale, I would then consider to check your approach to the potential buyer: how you write your offer? Do you have a standard text that you copy+paste?
Be critical about how you approach buyers who post requests, and try to improve that. It is hard to get them, but not impossible. With the right technic you may be able to be more successful at catching sales from BR! :+1:

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Also you Can Give Special Offer to your Passed Buyers .:+1:

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Hey @ashintha89

Thanks for sharing your experience, you can send the daily buyer request make sure the in your gig description was attraction and eye catching because the buyer was not see the work it has also read your text also make your profile attractive and profile pic also, you can use the social media link and share your gig so that’s chance for get a new buyer,
also read the tip for seller and buyer article in forum.

Best of luck.



The thing that can make or break the deal for a graphic designer is the quality of the Gig banners. Obviously if a buyer wants and logo, he’ll look at your Gig banner to see how skilled you actually are. If the banner is like really vibrant and attractive, he’ll click to find out more. If it isn’t, the buyer wouldn’t even bother to click on your Gig…


Thanks all… earlier what I did was just sent buyer request with a one line description. Today I changed it into more detailed and personalized descriptions. And I sent a one free mock up sample for a buyer before the buyer hire me and then had first sale for another Gig. Got a very good review also.
I think this forum is very helpful fore new sellers.

I agree with you. Thanks for sharing.

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