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How I can get more orders on fiverr

I am new bee on fiverr but don’t get order yet. How I can get more orders on fiverr…


Share your gig on Social Media…
Send Buyer Request…
Active More On Fiverr As you can…

1.Share your gig on different social platforms
2.Remain active as longer as you can
3.send more and more buyer request

Make attractive gig image
Send Buyer Requests daily
try to be online always on fiverr

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1 create qualitiful gig
2 do social media marketing
3 send effective buyer request

With proper marketing analysis, keyword research and attractive packages, you can also share your account URL on social media apps and many more ways to increase your overall views/impressions and clicks if is is increase gradually you gig will start to rank and this ranking can also lead you to the way of several orders.

hi, please tell me
how I can get more order on fiverr?