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How i can get more sales and more buyers can anyone help me please?

I just starting working on fiverr and want to know how i can get more sales here?

These topics should keep you busy for a while.

EASY … sell waffles. No one can say no to waffles :slight_smile: … or do what mgjohn said.

Keep promoting yourself through out social media , forums related to your category of your gigs

Thank you mgjohn78

You are using a stolen image and are also portraying yourself as being a U.S.-based seller, which any native speaker can quickly tell is untrue from seeing your writing.

I suggest addressing both of these issues immediately. You won’t be making any sales at all if Fiverr bans you from the platform.

5 quick tips:

  1. Be friendly and helpful - the satisfaction of your buyer is highest priority.
  2. Be genuine and honest - Be yourself and don’t piggyback the work of others. Let your buyers know if you can’t do something.
  3. Promote your services on social media
  4. Give buyers assurance of a refund if they are unsatisfied.
  5. Offering introductory promotions and discounts won’t hurt your chances of success.

This might be helpful too, try reading this when you have the time:

Reply to @mgjohn78: Best response to this question I’ve ever seen.