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How i can get my first order..need suggestions

can someone guide me for getting first order


Its totally depends on your skill and attractive gigs’ interface. Promote your gigs in social media. Spend time in forum and learn more. Hope you will get order soon.

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@nazrul_webxpert what type of posts on forums i have to do

Nice gig hope you will get success @zeefinancialist

Try to be give more time to the Fiverr and Send Buyer request regularly. Hope you will get soon.

thank u so much @qbo_xero_pro

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The best way to get orders at an early stage is to do your research on fiverr seo and make sure that your gigs are set up in the best way to get views from fiverr customers. Ensure your gig images show off how awesome you are and having a video is a must too. It can explain what you can do and show off your portfolio. Once you gain a few orders the momentum will build if you keep delivering above and beyond what the customer expects.

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You need to promote your gig on social media for better exposure to your potential client.

thank you @mizanur_rony

your most welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice gig hope you will get success… Stay Connected Hope You will Gets Success

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