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How I can get my first order,off page seo expert


I am a off age seo expert and new to fiverr please suggest me some tips to get my first order


Hello :slight_smile:

To get your first order, I’d definitely recommend sharing your gigs on social media. Whether through Facebook Groups or a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram posts or even on forum if you haven’t done so already.

Buyer requests are the easiest way of getting orders. You can find them by going to Sales > Buyer Requests
This where you can offer your service by saying what you can do, your experience and why you stand out from the rest.

Make sure your profile is clean and organised, with great spelling, punctuation and keep your gigs detailed and catchy. Where possible, include pictures of your work and offer extras. Sometimes it works to offer more for $5 so you stand out more than other sellers. For example, more revisions, faster delivery etc.
Try make your gigs different, and unique compared to doing the same as sellers who offer the same as you, but already have great reviews.

Have a following on social media? Or know any family or friends that might be interested in your services? Direct them to your Fiverr Gigs! This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start selling on Fiverr and they can leave your first reviews.


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Hope it helps :slight_smile:


thanks all for all the advice


Am also **new ** to fiverr… didn’t get me first order yet :expressionless: be patient dear… You’ll definitely get :blush:


yes i m also waiting :neutral_face: let’s hope for the best :slight_smile: