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How I can get my First Order on fiverr?

Hi Fiverr family

i am new here and want to know how i can get my first order? my gig ranked on first page but no order…

Happy to learn from your experience.

Waiting for your kind tips.


@kaif9990 try to active and send buyer request every days, hope your success :slight_smile:

@aishi168 i am doing so. also hoping for best :roll_eyes:

Can you look at my post guys bc I have a problem too!

@jacobandloki2 what problem you looking for?

I can’t select a delivery date while making a gig and that means I can’t sell! I need someone to tell me what’s wrong!

have you tried on different web browser?

I think it might work now thanks a lot!

@jacobandloki2 welcome dear

@kaif9990 You can share gigs on social media and make buyer requests. Hope to be waiting for an order for you very soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @kaif9990, You can Create Attractive and Professional gig Thumbnail(don’t of copy other sellers), Send me Buyer Request Daily with Perfect Content, share you gig on Social media and try to stay maximum online. provide Quality work. Best of luck


Check out these articles:

Last link is especially helpful.

If you think that just lazing around is going to get you your first order, it won’t.

Read these articles. There is a lot of information you can learn about this, and you can also search on the Fiverr Forum here about this. There are hundreds and hundreds of posts about this topic.

Hope this helps!

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@adrian_1976 thanks a lot…

No problem! Read as much as you can, and you could become very successful on Fiverr!

with people like you @adrian_1976 i will achieve it.

How can we send buyer requests please help me.

have a look top header here have a more option and the go buyer request option, go here and send your job request

I am also waiting for my first order.

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@aishi168 switch your profile from seller to buyer located in profile.

Waiting for my first order too