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How i can get my first order .tips for new seller

Hi my name is ahmad and i am new seller but i am not getting orders.i am expert in logo designing ,data entry and Articles .please check my gigs and account and told me why i am not getting orders and if there is any problem then please told me . i will be very thankful to you.


Welcome to this competitive Fiverr.

You are doing one of the most common used category and it is the most crowded place - Data Entry and logo design. You are competing with thousands and thousands of sellers over there, and in my opinion, data entry Gig is worthless. There is just way too much sellers on that category to at least earn a dime.

  • A logo… there are too many scammer in the logo area, they are just using online template to finish the work (generate the logo)

Be creative, think of categories that aren’t crowded (yet), don’t look anything on youtube, it is a reason of why categories get flooded by unexperienced Sellers that want to earn money fast.

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You’ve picked the most competitive and overcrowded fields on Fiverr. There are literally thousands of others like you offering logo design, data entry and article writing.

Sorry, but these forums are full of people asking the same question about why they haven’t got any orders for exactly the same gigs.

I’m not being critical, but did you search through Fiverr before setting up your gigs in order to research assess the competition? If you had you will have seen thousands of logo making, data entry and writing gigs with zero feedback.

Zero feedback because the market is overcrowded and buyers can choose to work established sellers, often still charging only $5.

You need to work really hard to make your gigs the best and to standout from the rest.


185639 logo designers today at 10:57 19/05/2020 UTC+1


Wow, you’ve done your homework! I didn’t realise that.

And 180000 have never trained in logo design :wink:

Well, I am lucky that I have certificates for it so I can “block the haters” if they come at me saying me haveno skuills :smiley:
Just now I have a potential buyer who wants me to put his logo on mock-up design. How do I tell him politely that:
a) kerning is all off (he is probably going to comment on that to his logo designer, after which he will google kerning)
b) 90% inside corners are sharp, so visual it makes no sense, either all sharp or all rounded
c) 50% round corners have different fi (I could type diameter but not gonna)

If he hires me I could not live with myself letting those mistakes pass, and at the same time I am not going to do the work of a PRO for fiverr


Here, to ease the transition from Unknown entity to Fiverr logo designer:

This is the template a lot of designers are using (I am just downloading it in case someone goes (how come he has that fancy 3D wall thing and you not have, a , ha , a?)

and here I am guessing this is the 4 year GD school education summarize in one nice video.

Now, all it takes is to get someone to buffer up your description and you are good to go!!

Nice investment opportunity:

thanks a lot for your update reply…

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Well I see lot of discouragement rather than encouragement for a new seller here. LOL
Just be unique and maintain your standards whatever you are selling.

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Bury your head in the sand and ignore reality if you want to. That won’t get orders.

Fact. The op has chosen the most common type of gigs on Fiverr.

As @marinapomorac has pointed out, there are 185,639 logo designers on Fiverr.

There are also 49,629 sellers for ‘data entry’ and 24,265 sellers for ‘article writing’.

If you use variations on those keywords you will find even more sellers.

So, the seller is up against over a quarter of a million other sellers in his three chosen gig fields.

Ever played the lottery?

Sellers needs to be more original and to stand out from the rest. Those with mediocre, poorly worded, uninventive gigs with below par images, and a lack of examples are highly unlikely to get orders.

We constantly see forum posts saying “new seller no orders” and asking “why?”. Answer. Because the seller is inevitably offering logo design, data entry or article writing gigs that aren’t appealing and aren’t backed up with exemplary examples of their work.

It’s the reality.

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It is not discouragement, it is statement that if he wants to succeed it will be down to
a) luck
b) amazing quality work (that will come after a) brings some buyers in)
c) I do not know, luck again?

I also have GIG for logo design and I know my chances there are 0.00000000342 % but still, I keep it up just as I created new gig recently as part of my business strategy. My gig that is selling good requires the buyer to send me the logo in vector. They do not have a logo? I offer them my logo gig, they do not have it in vector I offer them vectorization.

So it is all about planing.

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If you guys thinks like that you will never generate a sale. Fiverr has a algorithm where new sellers also get a chance to come to first page and generate sales. You need to optimise your gigs so that you have higher chance to get into first few pages and generate your sales.

As @english_voice & @marinapomorac said its true, it is oversaturated category, but if you are really creative & want to pursue on the same category, you have left only one option that is KEYWORD RESEARCH for example “Real State Logo” result 9413 sellers,
So, do some keyword research on a particular niche & find some low competition keyword, , optimized your gig & sure you will get some order.

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When a seller of a month with one sale gives you suggestions on how to make sales, then you really know you are making the difference in the world.

Thank you for suggestions.

The only problem is, I do not do real estate logos, as 60% of others that you pointed out.

How can you suggest that we pick a branch of design as per what is more available on the market?

Is in it a proper procedure that you have skill in that area and then you make a GIG for it?

Basically you are saying we know nothing so I should look in what category I can find less competition to scam people since my skills don’t matter.

And what is a real estate logo, a logo that exclusively has a house in some shape or form with real estate typed on it?

A logo is logo. I do them all. Professionally.

@english_voice My daughter wants to learn more about how to work in business and she borrowed my Art of war book to read. Proud mother.

If you want to survive in a market place which is not yours, learn how their algorithm works. That’s being smart. Or else you may need to make your own platform so that you can go by your rules.

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First of all, I want to thank you for your feedback,

So, basically, you want to say, you must not be given any suggestion because you are just a month old seller with just a review. No matter what you have learn here.

I think It would be fine if any higher level seller suggest the the same thing.

It’s solely up to the designer, nobody forcing anyone, there are people who are making money on the same category, I can’t underestimate them, it’s not like if anybody focusing on particular things are scamming,

Further, I am new on Fiverr, but I am working in the graphic designing field from the past many years, there are many people I know personally, who are expert on a particular category of designing. It’s not a bad thing or scam if you choose anything specifically.

I am not saying anything like this, on very first I said

after that I suggest my opinion,

Basically I am not saying, what you are understanding,

I am saying, find less competition keyword & work on that.

Believe me sometimes it look easy to create a logo but we can’t imagine the hard work of the designer. sometimes Simplicity wins the price.
as far as skill concern, I believe nobody cant survive for a long time without skill.

Absolutely correct “A logo is a logo”
But if you have work on a particular niche for a long time, you will be more creative & confident about the same & maybe your work looks more attractive than others.

Its not like “if I have learn driving” I can drive anything Car, Bus or Truck anything, most of the time experience car driver can not drive the Bus or Truck.

Eventually, thanks again for your feedback.

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