How i can get my first order


i am still waiting for my first order on fiverr. How i can get first order? i am not hopeless because you
seniors are with me plz help to improve gig.

Here are you can check out my gigs.



Try making new gigs of same service
Add attractive title and description
add good images and a unique video
Add proper category and tags
Give attractive sales by buy two get one free.


My general comments:
Create more gigs. If they fit in different categories then all the better. You will see more in buyer requests. Make use of your qualifications to make gigs that have less sellers. Informatics? business plans?
Make buyer request offers. This is where the majority of sellers get their start.
You’ve only joined this month. Be patient.

My comments on your data entry gig:
The packages don’t really work. There’s no clear difference between basic and standard. You could turn the Premium into a separate gig of it’s own, and as you have an MBA you should do this.
Buyers want to know exactly what they will get in an order. So you need to say something like 1 A4 page, up to xxx words, for $5.

You could also try offering more revisions. 3 is a good number.

The content types you’ve selected don’t directly correspond with your gig description. It might make it hard for your gig to turn up in a search.

I think I know what you mean by this:
Revisions and critics are very warm welcomed till satisfaction.
But it doesn’t add any value. It also implies unlimited revisions but you don’t (and shouldn’t) offer unlimited revisions.

Why do you have gmail accounts as a tag?


thanks for giving idea


thanks for giving impressive idea thank your very much


You can promote your gig via social media like facebook, google+, twitter etc. Also you should sent offer to your buyer use Buyer request feature. check attached file


bundle of thanks for help


you are welcome :slight_smile: Fristly, if you hard work then you will be suceess


yes sure , i understand