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How I can get my GIG this in the Newsletter of Fiverr

How I can get my GIG this in the Newsletter of Fiverr,

someone has any idea, greetings!

The best way is, to have great communication with buyers, fast responsiveness, and high quality in your services. I think the selection is random with the users that fill this requirements, but i think too is sometimes just being in a lucky day because in some newsletters sometimes appears new gigs from new users

I think the gigs shown in newsletters are picked by the Fiverr editors who chose featured sellers and the gigs that are shown on the Fiverr front page. As @aldodel says, the sellers range from relative newcomers to Top Rated sellers and people who have been here for a long time, but all of them have high feedback ratings. I’ve had some of my gigs shown on Arts & Crafts newsletters several times even though I’m not a high-volume seller. I do have a good rating, though.

I’ve seen the suggestion made to write to CS to ask them to ask the editors to consider your gigs for inclusion (since there’s no way to directly contact the editors), but I’ve never heard that it actually works. I’ve never asked that my gigs be considered by them.

The best way to promote your gigs is to do it yourself, on various social media & among your family & friends.

Thanks for your comments friends, I’ll work more on my Gigs greetings! :))