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How i can get order?


hello .I am here during 4 weeks.But i am not getting any order.I don’t know what to do now.Can you help me please ?


thanks bro…


Good Day! Keep your gigs look professional and genuine. If possible add video to your gigs, explain briefly about your services, post your samples. When you get a buyer, do your best service, deliver in time, meet their expectations, have a professional communication so that they leave out with a good rating that will help you to get more buyers and more reviews, and the best way to get traffic is to promote your gigs in social networking sites like twitter, facebook etc. Just be patience, everything starts slow at first here, wish the best success with fiverr. Thank you!


thank you dear


Here is the first thing I would do, change it from:

I will logo design


I will create your logo!

When I see bad grammar I am turned off right away. Second you need more than one gig and those gigs need good grammar, too. When your first and only gig uses bad grammar you’re not going to get gigs. American buyers will assume you’re foreign and think that working with you will be a hassle due to the language barrier.

Hope that helps.


I agree with @infinityplusone that it’s important to have perfect grammar and writing in your profile and gig description. If necessary, hire a writer or proofreader to help you make them perfect.

You already have some good reviews, so it looks like you’re building a solid foundation for success on Fiverr. Keep doing good work, and as you get more good reviews, you should start to get more orders. Good luck!


You’re from Afghanistan? You’d look great on my World Domination map. :slight_smile:

I agree with the above post which said you should get all of your gig text proofread. It won’t make you a sales magnet overnight, but it will make your gigs look that little bit better.