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How i can get orders I m worried :(

i have created gigs but no order from :frowning: what should i do

wait! research then edit gig’s!
that’s all.

You’ve just started. Market yourself to those who are in need of your services. You’re in a field coagulated with similar gigs. Be creative with your marketing approach, and make sure you can provide the quality advertised.

You have created only one gig. I recommended you to create more 6 gigs in different category. Hopefully, You will get order soon.
Use a 50 characters title and prove that you can provide this service to your client in details area so that your clients gets confidence. :slight_smile: :smiley:

Your Gig is perfect. Your Delivery time is 4 Days. In the Start you have to Keep your time Less than 3 Days. Buyer’s want Some quick and quality work so in the Start you have to give that. Also be Online as much as you can. Send buyer Requests with Good Words and i guarantee you will start getting Order but in the Start you have to work hard. Hope this helps.