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How I Can Get Orders On Fiverr am New Here

I am New Here but am already working with Brands around the World , Just Got Some Interest to Join Fiverr ! How to Get Orders ?


If you are already “working with brands around the world”, it sounds like you are already keeping busy with work. If you are so busy with other brands, what are you hoping to get, here, out of being on a seller on Fiverr?

And, if you plan to get orders here on Fiverr, you might want to actually start by creating gigs? Without gigs, I can guarantee that you won’t be getting any orders here on Fiverr. :wink:

You might want to take the time to learn what Fiverr is, and how it works, before asking for help from the rest of us in getting orders. Create some gigs. Promote those gigs. THEN you’ll be ready to start working toward earning orders.


dear @jonbaas can you tell me …how can i promote my gig ?//

No, I cannot. You will have to find the best ways that work for you and your gig, that connect you to your unique target customers. There is no one promotional method that works for everyone, nor is there any promotional method that guarantees customers and orders.

If you still want more targeted assistance, please read the forums. I’ve already answered your question in detail (when other people have asked it) hundreds of times. :wink:


How To Get Your First Order - FAST!


Suggest you check out Help & Education for details on how to get off to a great start on Fiverr.

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how to get first fiverr order plz help

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2 years later post on topic?

Why? Please. Explain me your logic. There is like 1000 topics with suggestions what to do and how to get started.


OK. Since you need it.

How to get first order.

  1. Compare your GIGs with others selling that are on top pages. Write down what catchphrases they are using, how do they format text, video, picture, quality. Arrange prices so it suits you not the buyer.
  2. Constantly monitor how to improve the text, have it proofread.
  3. Check can you get or make better images for your portfolio.
  4. Check buyers requests and send unique replies even if that means you will be 300th to send an offer. Quality over quantity.
  5. Promote your gigs to potential clients on social media
  6. Set your working hours in a way you get enough rest
  7. Invest in better equipment., software. many companies due to COVID are offering a good discount on software and membership.
    8, Attend free online courses.
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It’s been about a month since I opened a Fiverr account I haven’t even come to orders yet, can you help me

There are people here who had been using Fiverr for years with no order. You need to improve, search, educate yourself.

What is “You are name” on your business cards?
Why I am BEST?
I have no idea why you a best.

Proofread your description, modify your packages, check the text on others selling the same thing as you.

  • JPG * PNG * PSD and you say best quality? None of this is quality. This is BITMAP.

Vector is quality. Ai, SVG PDF.

Having the same identical text on both gigs reduces your chances of multiple visibility from search words.

Create better tags, ad # tags in description… itd it’s et etc

Thanks ,that is really helpful . I’m also add pdf file into my gallery :v: