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How i can get paid?

i have completed my job how can i get paid?

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With a fiver card or PayPal or bank.

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According to your profile, you haven’t delivered anything.

Here’s how Fiverr works: buyer purchases your gig and places an order, you deliver via the Deliver Now button on the order page, the buyer marks it as completed or it gets autocompleted after 3 days, and 14 days after the order was marked as complete, you can withdraw your funds to your PayPal or Payoneer account.


You can’t say he hasn’t delivered anything because you “probably” couldn’t find reviews on his profile when you looked at it.
it’s not compulsory a buyer rate delivered works

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If he had delivered something, especially if it was recently, there would be: “Recent Delivery: about xx hours/days” on his profile.


Oops , My bad.
I get it now

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@sefiuu, with all due respect, when will you learn first finding out before shooting? :roll_eyes: :wink: