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How i can hide a gig

I want to hide a gig that i have created.
Hide from search and from my profile
How i can do it?

hey did you find out how to do that?

Go so Selling > My Gigs, drop down the arrow next to the gig in question and click ‘Pause’. It will be hidden from your profile since it won’t be an ‘Active’ gig anymore. Hope this helps!
Best wishes,

I don’t think there is an option to hide any gig. You can deactivate a gig though by using the pause option from my gig> edit option. Hope it helps

Yes, as already told you, you need to pause it. When you pause a gig it will be hidden from your profile while it is paused. When you decide do reactivate it, it will be online again.

Hope you have done it.