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How i can improve gig?

any one tell me please how i can improve my gig?


Improve your gig by;

  • Checking your gigs for any grammatical error.
  • Writing attractive description for your gig.
  • Use good images for your gig.
  • Use related keywords that your client may use in finding your gigs.
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@mianasimmehar when you create GIG try to use unique GIG title, descripetion, and picture. and continuo start GIG marketing

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@goldsmydy ok bro thank you very much for give idea.

@aishi168 ok mam thank you kindly tell me how i can start marketing of gig?

@mianasimmehar you start social media marketing

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you mean promoting? am i right mam @aishi168

thank you mam really you are so great. @aishi168 mam

yes :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

@mianasimmehar thanks :joy::joy:

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where are you from mam?? can i ask @aishi168

check my profile he he he

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:rofl::rofl::joy::joy: no i want you tell me:rofl::rofl: