How i can improve my fiverr sales


Hi there,
I am on Fiverr since 2015 but I added some gigs recently after doing some research on the internet how to make a quality gig on the fiver. Now I am not getting any orders I want to ask the community to provide me any suggestions to improve my sales

Here the link to my profile



Well, I was recently advised by fellow fiverr member that first thing you need to do is work really hard. Now, if you are still unable to get orders, then you must work on improving your gigs, there is definitely some problem with that.

  1. Try to make a good Gig video. May be it will cost you a little OR you can do it yourself with a cracked software like premier pro. Believe me, it is gonna help.
  2. You should start with “Buyer Request” portion in the selling panel. From there You can send offers to the buyers whose tasks match your capabilities.
  3. Work hard and try to please your buyer in every way. Tolerate buyers with bad…you know.
  4. Last but not the least is “PATIENCE”. If You are not getting orders, don’t give up. Try harder and You will find the way.


Can you suggest me any topic related to the improvement of gigs so I can check if my gigs are according to standard or not

Thanks Anyway for your response.


You can use social media marketing, it will cost you a little.


Your gigs are really demandable. There are new other forums or site where people talk about tech. You can try posting your gigs and advertise yourself a little there. But Social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are the best place for gig advertisement. Try increasing your connection at LinkedIn and share your gigs there. I get a lot of clicks from there. This really increases your gig impression.


Well, first of all, try to portray your skills and work. This works mostly.