How i can improve my gig? Opinions


Hello i would like to hear opinions on how i could improve my gig to get more interactions as a new seller, Thank you


Be patient, improve your Gigs portfolio with other services, there are a lot of sellers offering the design of youtube banners, check the buyers request each day, and dont forget be patient!


Thank you for your opinión i Will considerate it


Hey Rafamar29, welcome to Fiverr!
I see you’re from Venezuela (Yo también) I’m happy to see my people around here :sunglasses: your gig looks really good! Just be patient I’m sure you’ll get your first sale as soon as you think. Check the buyer requests (Between 10 - 11am you can find new requests, at least it works for me) Also you can create another Gigs and offer different design services to get more chances.
Saludos, mis mejores deseos :+1:


Vaya, me alegra saber de otros hermanos venezolanos en la plataforma, muchas gracias por tu opinión y consejo que comenzaré a implementar, igualmente para ti mis mejores deseos