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How I can Improve my gig? Please help

Anyone can help me to improve my gig.I’m on Fiverr about last two months, still have no order

Thanks in advance for advice.

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Your gig description would be easier to read if you added in spaces between paragraphs.

Large blocks of text can overwhelm readers.


Also send buyer req everyday…


Brother you put the certificate instead of proper cover. I was not able to identify for few seconds that what is this about all I can read Digi skills because that was the most highlighted part.

I will suggest you put some efforts in preparing the cover. I want to create a gig and I am not able to decide from 3 days that what looks good for my type of services. I have design many covers for this and still looking for a better one.

You mentioned that you have 10 years of experience but your description look like you just copy a book page here. make it as bullet points and simple.


How locate buyers? I don’t know

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Go into buyers request page and send them offers for your services. It will showed there in afternoon and mid night.

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There is option more…then buyer req… its not available all time so every 30 min later refresh it…

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Thanks a lot for your kind information.