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How i can improve my gig

give me a idea that how i can improve my gig

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I’ve just responded to you on your previous thread:

hi, I have also this problem

yeah i have read and understood it :slight_smile:

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by this way only your gig view will be increase

No idea what you mean in relation to the OP’s question I’m afraid.

Can you word it differently please?

no i dont want to increase the views only just to learn from experts how to make a effective gig

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No no not that mean i am just generaly saying

There are many ways to improve your gig. See the link below. This is a wonderful post, in this post you will find many new tips to improve your gigs, and many more tips.

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Hi, I am having the same problem with Fiverr. If anyone could give me advice on how to improve my gigs that would be great - I am finding it hard to get a first sale. Thanks

SeeThis post, you will find many helpful tips in this post.