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How I can improve my gig?

This is Maria. I am an accountant in quick books and Xero. I have also experience data entry. I created some gigs but no results. please visit my profile and give suggestion how I can improve my gigs?


@maria_qb_xero you promote your Gig in Social media and send buyer request for getting order try to Active in Fiverr and forum that’s it I hope your Success

Thanks aishi I will do it

@maria_qb_xero Use high quality and genuine images as you provide your services. Try to find out the keywords related to your service and implement those in your Title, descriptions and keywords section. Try to find out the search volume of keywords and put high volume keywords in Title and keywords. Low relevancy keywords in product description section. Share your Gig in Social media like Quora questions related to your work.


Thanks bro for your reply

@maria_qb_xero, need to have continued in Fiverr. Then you can get the opportunity.
2. Try to client’s question’s answer within the short of time.

Best Regards

thanks Bro . Actually i am tryng 6 months. but no result

Wait, You must get win the job.

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