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How i can improve my rating?

Hi, I am new to fiverr. My Rating was 5.0 after first order. Now i have 4.8 rating after 2 new orders, one of my order was marked with 4.4 rating. My question is that is this rating is fixed or it is revised. Like if i get 5 stars for my next orders shall i be able to get 5.0 or its all gone now.


You can impressed your buyer for review changing.

@sharoonamin I think 8/9 job complete 5 star rating then you can get back again 5 star rating.

You can ask seller to revise your review again but limited time. you should deliver quality work and always try make your customers happy.

Good luck

Thanks sir, It an ongoing order with mildstones. I want to know that how the rating is calculated as its a 3rd order only. So it an average or what

Thank you sir for giving relevant answer. I was bit upset because in due course you cannot make happy everyone.